Traditional Marketing

  • Ooze Café is among our latest and noteworthy projects, which is well-thought-out as a combination of modern and classic architecture.
  • One of the amazing projects by Awj Group is the design, construction and implementation of L’uh Corner with special elements that exceeded all technical expectations. The L’uh Corner blended modern colors with style that took products presentation to the next level. It is worth mentioning that the overall project design attracted the attention of visitors at Raffles University graduation ceremony, which held recently at the King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh.
  • Awj Group continues to present creative ideas in a way that touches the human mind. Awj Group carried out the brilliant design and implementation of a cloud model, which was specially designed for Raffles University graduation ceremony, held recently at the King Abdullah Financial District.
  • Awj Group planned, organized and developed Interior Design for Opening Ceremony of “The Sixth District” Restaurant at Riyadh Boulevard. Our experts ensured to formally mark the start of restaurant as a memorable event for the client. Moreover, we provided the Photography.