Meet Our People


Welcome to the AWJ Group LLC!


AWJ Groups has a team of Professionals having in-depth knowledge and high-level expertise on how a thoughtfully planned and finely operated workspace can help to attract and retain the best people. Our People are living their dreams of planning, designing and executing together with substantial improvement in overall business performance.


Madawi Al Saud

The Chief Executive Officer


Extension No. 101

Mr. Saeed Alqahtani

Real Estate Manager


Extension No. 107

Mr. Abdulelah Satti

Maintenance Manager


Extension No. 105

Eng. Khaled Khalil

Construction Manager


Extension No. 106

Mr. Birair Ahmad

Advertising Manager


Extension No. 103

Mr. Mutaz AlKhudaidi

Real Estate Assistant


Extension No. 107

Eng. Moayad Mohey Alden

Interior Designer


Extension No. 106

Eng. Nezar Siddiq

Architect Engineer


Extension No. 106

Ms. Maria Taimur

Media Specialist


Extension No. 101